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CloningCloning is an unethical action that should not be tampered with physically in any animal form regardless of what it is. This is a genetically engineered process by humans, in which, perfectly generated genes from someone or something is copied into its own life form to be an exact replica. In the article "Calves cloned to produce drugs" there are two cows involved with cloning. People should not be tampering with this, but letting God create people and animals the way he has it planned out to be. Not to mention, no two or more life forms should ever be exactly alike with the exact same genes (except for plants who are that way anyhow). With this happening to animals now and evolving toward humans, it could cause some huge problems with our world. It is acceptable for scientists and doctors to study genetic engineering and cloning, but not perform it physically in any kind of life forms.

The news article, "Calves cloned to produce drugs" in USA Today, is about two genetically engineered and cloned cows that are formed to produce new drugs. This cloning is from two sheep cloned for drugs and evolved into trying it on cows to produce a milk that will sustain blood pressure. As a result, doctors are constantly progressing toward other animals to produce clones for different drugs in order to help our human race. The entire article is geared toward humans and their future with drugs as they live on the earth.

God has created everything in this world the way he wants it to be, not the way we want it to become. No one should ever try and alter genes to any animal coming into this world, therefore in this news article, the cows should have never been cloned.