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Teachers play a good role in our lives. They just don't teach us, English, Math, or History; they teach us about life and what's to come. They teach us good skills to take with us as we move on.

In this story teachers, were very helpful to the students. Coming in from a different country is very hard. The teachers made the student feel welcome. Miss Hopley, the teacher in the story, was very dedicated to her students. Miss Hopley worked every day teaching the exchange students new words. The students practiced and got better and better. When one of her students would pronounce a word right or was able to read a whole sentence, she got very excited. This showed that working with the students one on one was helping. The teacher only let the children express there language at reuses. The teachers told them frequently, why they were at the Lincoln school; to become good Americans.

Miss Hopley really helped out the kids there. She had a big influence on there lives, they will always remember that shes the first person to teach them English.

In the 2nd passage, the Tornado Drill. The teacher taught the children one of the best skills that they will ever know. It was the Tornado Drill. The drill was for the boys to stand in one line, and the girls to stand in another line. Than the girls crouched down facing the walls. The boys would position themselves over the girls making sure that they were safe. This teacher taught them something that would save there lives.

In conclusion these teachers and other teachers have taught there students morals and other good ideas, that will help them through-out there lives.