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First..this thing is untitled. i have no idea what to give it still. Any suggestions would be awesome..plus..i'll rate your essay and comment on it too in return for a title..Be easy on me. Im not really good in expressing words especially in poetry.

Just trying to turn back the hands of time

Back to the time where i knew my place

I am confused

I am scared

Afraid of looking too deep or just becoming exasperate

Suddenly life is one big TV show

The build up of tension

The paranoia

The feeling of isolation

The aching silence that penetrates even the smallest of heart

Nobody says anything

And it just kills each of us


Flung and flush the value of something precious

Something i care a lot about

I cared most about.

I keep hoping someone would tell me,

Wake me

Or just plain kill me

Friends are my weakness,my crave and my comfort.

Take that away and i have lost my meaning to

What i am.

It is a flaw i'll never rid of.

Someone crack that impenetrable wall

Just a crack that finally envloped the whole being

Crashing it to rubbles.

My darkest nights

My deepest worries

My worst fears

They all seem to have melt away.

The truth came obvious

Something was wrong,

But i felt cured.

My patience though grew thin with each passing day

Wondering how to survive the shock that came my way

My doubts was erased

My conscience turns clear

Yet amidst this peace

It is not the way it used to be

Bruises and cuts had fade away

But the pain remains the same and the

Memories of it slash my heart like the scar

It left behind.