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The first scene begins with a close up shot of Senor Love Daddy's mouth, the top of a microphone, and an alarm clock. The alarm clock, being used as a prop, is making a very loud, annoying, ringing sound. This is done in order to get the viewers attention to the problem of racism. After the ringing stops, we start reframing in, and zooming out slowly, seeing more of Senor Love Daddy and the microphone. There is hard lighting present in the scene. The entire shot has a reddish color to it. A slow zoom and the reddish color are used to show the viewer how hot the setting of the movie is. The color also reflects tension, conflict, anger, and frustration, things that are not being expressed in the film yet. As we are zooming out, Senor Love Daddy says "Wake up, wake up, wake up…" This part of the scene is also is intended to get the viewers attention to the problem of racism.

The foreground and some of the middle ground are in shallow focus. This is a get in your face type of shot, letting the viewer know that this movie will be in your face for the next two hours and that the viewer better pay attention to the problem at hand: racism. This shot is solely for the viewers, to get their attention. We stop zooming out once we see the whole microphone. At that point, we start tracking out and the camera starts moving slowly up, via a crane. We now see the reflection of the street outside Senor Love Daddy's workplace, on the glass window Senor Love Daddy is facing. We also see hats of many different cultures sitting Senor Love Daddy's desk. This shows that he respects many different cultures and...