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Creative Writer 2 Readme © 1996 Microsoft Corporation Contents Getting Started Creative Writer 2 Home Page Hardware and Software Requirements Internet E-mail Making Web Pages Web Publishing Creative Writer 1.0 Compatibility Troubleshooting When You Have a Question Getting Started Before you set up Creative Writer 2, it is best to close other applications. Also, do not remove the Creative Writer 2 disc from your computer during Setup.

If you follow these guidelines, but still encounter problems during Setup, check that your computer has the minimum requirements necessary to install Creative Writer 2.

To install Creative Writer 2 under Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 1 Insert the Creative Writer 2 disc in your computer's CD-ROM drive.

Creative Writer 2 Setup will start. If it does not start, double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop, double-click the Creative Writer 2 disc, then double-click Setup.

2 Follow the instructions on the Setup screen.

Note: If you are running Windows NT, you must be logged on to an account with Administrator privileges to install the product.

Creative Writer 2 is installed in the Microsoft Kids folder on the Start menu.

Where to Find Help Check the Creative Writer How to... Help (under the big green question mark) for information on how to use Creative Writer or for tips on cool things to do.

Creative Writer 2 Home Page Please visit the Creative Writer 2 home page at the Microsoft World Wide Web Site. The address is: http://www.microsoft.com/kids/creative2.htm You can also use the Internet Explorer shortcut provided on the Creative Writer 2 disc.

Look there for information on updates and activities relating to Creative Writer 2! Hardware and Software Requirements System Requirements Computer: A multimedia PC or compatible with a 486/33 or higher microprocessor.

Memory (RAM): 8 MB of RAM...