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Unto Us... Unto Us... is a poem written by Spike Milligan. It is about a young couple who have an abortion because they don't want the baby. The poem is written through the view of the baby's eyes.

The title Unto Us... is taken from the saying "Unto us a child is born" It is shortened to Unto Us.. because the child doesn't get born, It is aborted.

The poem starts quite optimistically with the baby letting you know it's alive. Letting you know it's there and it wants to live properly, outside of it's mother's womb, out in the world.

"And so, I was Small, but I was Lusting to live" It is there and "Lusting to live" but the baby had no say in being there "I had no say in my being" It had no say because it's parents decided the fate of it. just like they brought it in, they will take it out.

"I was taken," This tells you the child had no say in being "taken" from existence. The next line "Blind, naked, defenceless" emphasises that the child had no say in what would happen in it's life, also it tells you the child, because it was still so young, couldn't do anything to stop it happening, just like it had no say in being brought into the world it has no say in being taken from it. The next few lines tell you who the baby was taken by.

"By the hand of one Whose good name Was graven on a brass plate in Wimpole street" The baby was taken by a doctor, a profession which is meant to save lives not take them, who works in a very expensive private clinic in Wimpole street. This makes me feel sad and angry.