Untouchables in High School

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Many people in this world believe that there isn't anyone out there for them when that person can be right next to them their entire life and not even know it. The fear of loneliness fills there body making them think there’s no one out there for them. In High School people make distinctive groups that they hang around with. Usually someone in their group will be their future wife or husband. Most individuals don’t know this, but it’s true. It’s been proven that 85% of people marry someone from high school.

Most beautiful females actually believe that there is no one out there for them because people are scared to approach them. These women are considered untouchables because people are intimidated by them. That seems to make them think that nobody likes them when in reality people do like them.

The fear of loneliness is a very scary feeling.

The fear that nobody will like you or nobody will want to share their life with you. A lot of people share this fear. Through high school, most people look for their high school “sweet heart”. Sometimes they don’t find them because they are looking to hard. The friends they hang out with and the ones around them can make great potential candidates. Most over look these people, but share strong connections.

This fear affects all types of people. Principals, secretaries, teachers and students all do. Nobody wants to go through life by themselves. It would be a boring unpromising life. Teachers are considered untouchable because they teach. Knowledge is very important and teachers teach us the information we need to be successful in life. They are highly respected for that. Principals are untouchables also becausea they keep everything in the right order in a school. They are even...