"Unveiling an Entrepreneur's Secret Of Success: Hortaleza and Juan"

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There has always been a long debate whether entrepreneurship can be regarded as nature or nurture. Some would say, it is nature since good entrepreneurs are destined by God and therefore has innate abilities. However, others would claim nurture as the stronger position since it is the environment that dictates and influences their fate.

To answer that, it is better first to cite important personalities who are making big names in their entrepreneurial endeavors. As William Bygrave puts it, “a community who has role models can more likely inspire young minds and talents to go further”, likewise we also need to relate ourselves to real life entrepreneurial “institutions” for us to realize and rejoin as well the argument.

Roland Hortaleza, chairman and CEO of Splash Corporation didn't realize at first his fate as “would be a great entrepreneur” until he fulfilled his career in medicine. But as the old adage says, “if it is yours, then it will always be”, Hortaleza finally traveled his entrepreneurial journey upon knowing that there is more opportunity in business.

And so, at not so big capital and hands on hard work, he made a big splash in his industry.

Undeniably, Hortaleza was an opportunity seeker. He was never complacent but always struggle to satisfy his present and new markets. He was also persistent for he never give up when a challenge pave its way to him. Hortaleza never make things abruptly and thus, his being a goal setter shows when he was able to develop the acetone, to innovate the spray net and eventually journeyed to his higher goal-- wealth. And of course he was qualified for being a risk taker, information seeker, efficient and most importantly confidence in any way.

Evidently, the competencies that was mentioned has no need for too much elaboration...