Up A Road Slowly

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Up a Road Slowly Irene Hunt Follett Publishing Co 1966 Grade Level: 6th - 9th.

This story starts out about a five-year-old girl called Julie who has already lost her mother to sickness. Then she finds out from other children that she is about to go live with her Aunt Cordelia.

Julie is so distraught that they medicate her. While she is sleeping she is taken to Aunt's house. She hides under the stair closet. Her Aunt sits with her, cries with her, and they begin their life together.

Julie thought that her Aunt favored her brothers and all boys over girls. Aunt Cordelia was their teacher. Julie devised a plan to keep a girl called Aggie that always stank away from her and the other girls at lunch. Julie was held and kissed by a boy called Danny. She socked him in the eye for it.

Chris and Julie caught their Uncle Haskell burying alcohol bottles at the cemetery in shallow graves.

They told their father. He then sent Chris to a boarding school because they did not feel Uncle Haskell was a good influence. Now, Julie was all alone. Julie was finally able to visit her married sister, but Julie was so consumed with jealousy about losing her older sister to her own life, that she quarreled. On the ride home she cried and a train conductor made her see how childish she behaved. Julie thought she would lose her sister's love after her behavior, but Laura named her new baby Julie and asked for Julie's help with it.

Julie was mean to Aggie a girl that was retarded and stank. She was really horrible to at times. Then, Aggie became sick and died. Julie's guilt ate at her, but her Uncle Haskell was able to help her...