Upgrading the Network Configuration

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Daryl Christopher Yost

IT388-01: Routing and Switching I

Instructor Robert Knox Jr

Our company needs to think about upgrading their network. As for the network, we want to propose a full upgrade that means, network operating systems, software and hardware. Our proposal includes the development of a LAN able to meet the requirements of your company's software. The computer network components for the proposed upgrade will include the use of a server, a switch, patch panel, and a router for the office. The selected NOS (Network Operating System) is Windows 2003 Server or Windows Server 2007, preferably the latter. These operating systems provide great conveniences to the installation, configuration, and maintenance of the network. Windows 2003 Server provides the enhanced DHCP, DNS and WINS features allow a network administrator to expediently manage all clients on the network. The data communication media for the networks is UTP CAT5.

This cabling follows the Ethernet standards for TCP/IP and ensures decreased propagation and noise.

The network portion of the proposal will consist of firewalls, routers, switches, load balancers, and content engines (used here as reverse-caching appliances). This combination of equipment will provide us with security, performance, and scalability. Our database server will sit inside our internal network to protect our data from unauthorized access. Our web servers will sit in our DMZ and will access the database server through an internal firewall. Access to the web servers from the internet will come through an outside or shield router and an external firewall, which is attached to a T1 data line provided by out Internet Service Provider. Directly behind the external firewall in the DMZ, we will place a load balancer. This device will do server load balancing (SLB) for the web servers. The content engines will be...