The Upstairs Room By J. Reiss

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The Upstairs Room By Johanna Reiss If you are interested in the happenings between the Germans and the Jews during the nazi era, then this book would be excellent for you. The author, Johanna Reiss, wrote a book very similar to The Diary of Anne Frank. It is set during the Nazi era in Germany, and it, too, is the fictional journal of a young girl trying to escape from the Nazi persecution.

A reader will get attached to this book and the characters very quickly; there is the constant curiosity about what will happen next. It gives clear pictures of how the Jews were treated and how they felt about the situation they were caught in. In some ways, it gives the reader a hopeless feeling, knowing that there is nothing to be done for the people, no way to help them settle the conflicts or calm their fears.

This novel makes you understand how hard a time it was to live in, whether you were a Jew or not. Because it was written in a journal form, it hold your attention and let you into the heart of Annie. You grow to love her, and her family, and you grow to hate the war and the terrible cost of their mistreatment.

The Upstairs Room is only a small novel, but it is large on emotion. I would recommend it to everyone.