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Geography Urban Settlements Essay

Urban Settlements Outcome

1) Explain the structure of urban settlements in ELDC & EMDC (urban models).

Urban settlements began to immerge in the early 18th century in Britain, growing from the urban-industrial society that was becoming present from the start of the Industrial Revolution era. Urban areas may be cities, towns or conurbations. An urban area refers to an area with a high density of man made structures and many human features in contrast with its surrounding, example Greater Tokyo Area and London. Typically in economically more developed countries urbanised areas are in a grid plan, this gridiron plan pattern means that the city runs at right angles to each other simply forming a grid - these urban areas start off unplanned and as they grow they become to be developed and have more structure and pattern to them, developing with large tall building usually office or entertainment related, they are well structured and have a lot of planning behind them, the roads going into the urban areas, advancing towards the CBD tend to become narrow and more congested due to these roads being much older so when they were build road transport was not around (example of this can be seen in such places as Edinburgh).

In these EMDC's the urban settlements have CBD (central business district) it is the commercial and geographic heart of these cities. Many urban models have been created in order to describe the layout of a city; these models are quite simple in their design so it is not to be confused that any city entirely fits this depiction, however these models are useful especially when they focus in on one or two main key factors in the city. Burgess was the first to come up with an...