The US Civil War 1861-1865

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The big land we today call America was discovered by Columbus and that led to that many people from Europe went to America to create colonies e.g. Spain, England and France.

It became war between the colonies and France and England were big rivals but after a few battles England took command over the most colonies and got most power over the new country. After that England had won against France, England wanted money of the small colonies to repair the financially losses that the war had cost them. But in 1776 the Philadelphian congress decided that they would stop to pay money to England and instead build and own state. Americas first president George Washington declared war against England but he understood that his army wouldn't stand a chance against England's powerful army but the Frenchmen wanted revenge and joined George Washington and in England surrendered in 1781 this and a new nation was build, America.

North and South

After the revolution, America was a free nation but the problems weren't over just because the colonists were free from England. Already in the 1770s there were big differences between north and south in America. The biggest difference was the industry and accordingly how people support themselves. In the northern states many people had their own farms and many worked with trading and shipping. All the major cities were also located in the north. In the south there were no industries like they had in the north and the people in the south complained much about that. Everything that the people in the south used came from the north e.g. books, tools, drugs and toys.

But there were one thing in the south that they had allot of, cotton. In the south there were big cotton and tobacco fields...