US Civil War at Manassas Station~ Battle of Bullrun

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US Civil War Battle of Manassas Station

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During 1860, America was faced with the crises of its own when one state was in battle with another one and vice versa. This interstate warfare was later referred to as American civil war and was fought up to 5 years between the southern and the northern states. Southern states were under the rule of the northern territories also called the "Union". On the other hand the union emphasized on calling southern states as their Confederacy.

The war was initiated due to slavery issues. After 4 years long struggle, slavery was abolished and the Confederacy reigned supreme over the union.


US Civil War Battle of Manassas Station 3

US Civil War Battle of Manassas Station


The first major confrontation of American Civil War came about at Manassas and was known as the First Battle of Bull Run. Brigadier General Irvin McDowell was the Union army commander who was stationed in Washington. He wanted to put the pressure upon to start campaign for the war before the expiry of 90 day enlistments. Even though he already knew that the army was not in a position because of the lack of training. The victory of the Confederate ended the hopes of what was expected by the Northern counterparts (Benson, 2010, 512-513).


It was the desire of the North that the army of the Union comes...