US Constitution Foundation of Democratic Plan or Not

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The word democracy can be defined as a government type in which the people are the primary source of political power it is also a political foundation in which the principals of social equality and respect for an individual exist within a community. The major features of modern democracy include individual freedom, which entitles citizens to the right and responsibility of shaping their own careers and conducting their own affairs; equality before the law; and the universal right to vote and education. Democratic societies seek to guarantee their citizens certain freedoms, including freedom of religion, freedom of press, and the freedom of speech. In the modern democracies the supreme authority is vested upon the people and the representatives that have been chosen through means of popular vote. In the United States the executive and legislative branch are elected by the people. In a democracy, free elections are conducted to allow the people to choose there leaders according to their political views.

A decision that is made in a democracy has to be approved by a majority of voters before it takes effect. Democracies also have a system of checks are balances which prevents any person of branch of government from becoming too powerful. Our democratic government is based on law and our written constitution. Democracy allows individuals and private organizations to carry on with there social and economic activities with little to no interference by the government. The United States Constitution is a democratic plan of government because it ensures the rights of the people through the Bill of Rights, checks and balances, and universal suffrage which give everyone of age and citizenship the right to vote.

The important features of modern democracy include individual freedom; equality before the law; and the universal right to vote and to an education.