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Most documentaries can use a certain viewpoint to present a negative or positive view of the topic to the viewing audience. These documentaries viewpoint may be determined by the viewer first assessing the selection of detail, secondly the various camera positions used, then with the structure of content and lastly by statistics that are used. This essay will identify and comment upon the viewpoint presented, and how it was presented in the documentary "US of Guns" in relation to the points above.

The documentary presents the viewpoint that firearms are a danger to the well being of the community. The audience can construct this viewpoint from the documentary mainly because the documentary carefully selects detail that can present that particular view. An example of this is how the producer brings up information about how people's lives can be changed quickly due to firearms, and it always turns out negative that can be seen from the statement "Horror of this Carnage".

As there is no rebuttal for that statement the viewing audience can determine that the opposition cannot fight that particular statement. From this the audience can see that guns are truly a danger to society, due to the careful usage and the selection of detail.

Camera views not only show how the documentary portrays people with or without guns, but it also helps to construct the viewpoint of the documentary. Through camera views and positions the documentary can make images portray a certain viewpoint, such as the way it was used to show people, with them appearing to be larger and taller than in reality. The viewer then believes that the person with the firearm is stronger and more invincible than people who appear smaller than they really are, the same people are left to pick up the pieces...