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A) Yes, there is a library for quiet time and homework. There are active spaces for dramatic play, puppets and plenty of room to play games like duck duck goose.

B) Yes, children pick what they want to do from art to reading or just a place to do homework.

C) Yes, they go into the kitchen area and set at the round table.

D) Yes 2) A) Thirty feet long and fifty five feet wide.

B) Very safe, it is fenced in and there are no debris on the ground. Plenty of room to run around is offered for playing tag or any games that require a lot of room.

C) Swing set, slides, art center , dramatic play and science area. There are games that the provider starts and the children finish.

3) A) Put out different things in the science area every month. Get more swings for the children.

Make a bigger house for the children. Put more art supplies out. Older children need more material to use. Put a track in for the riding toys.

B.) Monday- send home note to parents asking them to save milk jugs. Please send them in Friday.

Tuesday- call area stores to see if they can donate broken bags of bird seed and thin rope.

Wednesday- If stores can help pick up the seed and rope. If not send letter home asking parents to send in one dollar to cover the cost. (Will need twenty dollars) Thursday- Start talking about birds that stay here all year. Read another book and ask the children questions about the books we have read all week.

Friday- Cut milk jugs and put rope on, with the kids. When bird feeders are done fill with seed and go out to hang the ones in the trees that we are keeping. Send the ones home with the kids.

4) A) For the most part they do. The oatmeal isn't a favorite or the raison bread.

B) Yes, they are healthy and represent all the food groups.

C) Yes D) $1.00 for breakfast and .75 cents for snacks.

5) Art Club Student /Parent Scissors Toilet Paper, paper towel rolls Construction Paper Pop Cans Markers, Crayons Pop Cans Glue Art Projects /Work Could put on an art show 4-H Club Student / Parent 4-H Books Supplies to complete projects Can clean up the streets on Beautification Day. Complete their projects to show in the fair.


3) Drama Club Student / Parent Dress up clothes Skits for the plays Form a dramatic play Props from different learning characters Children could put on plays for the rest of the children or plan a parent night and put on a play.

4) Science Club Student / Parent Things from a science center Anything of interest that the child wants to explore Books on Science projects They could do science experiments. Make their science project for the school science fair. Show their science experiments to the rest of the children and plain how it works.

5) Puppet Club Student / Parent Glue paper felt Yarn, scissors eyes Paper lunch sacks Children can make puppets. Then put on a puppet show for the rest of the daycare children and parents.

6) Garden Club Student / Parent Spot of ground Gloves Pots to grow things inside seeds Children can plant the seeds then water them. Watch them grow and record the results of which ones grew better 7) Dance Club Student / Parent Area to dance different music Have guest to come in and teach the children Children can learn different dances and put on a dance recital. I have cousins who teach dance so it is easy for me to get free lessons for the kids. This might be hard to do if you do not know someone.

8) Bird Watchers Club Student / Parent Books on different birds bird seed Bird Feeders Kids can feed the birds and watch to see how many different types of birds show up at the feeders to eat.

9) Choir or Singing club Provider Student or Parent Music and songs rides to the nursing home, etc to sing.

Children can learn songs and go to nursing homes to sing them for the elderly.