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5th hour 9-23-01 What Patriotism Means to Me For English class we were asked to think about what patriotism means to us. I think it is a strong belief in my country and the loyalty I have for it. It is also the pride I have in my country's traditions, history, and customs.

Let's think of some ways we can show patriotism. I think we can show it by respecting the flag while we are saying the Pledge of Allegiance, or while someone is singing the National Anthem. We all need to realize how important patriots are. Without them how would we have turned out.

A Patriot is someone that supports his/her country on or off the battle field. They help fight for their country's freedom. Patriots also perform brave acts such as spying or fighting in a battle. Some patriots that have helped out our country were Paul Revere. Without Paul we would have never known that the British were coming. Patrick Henry was the leader that said, "Give me liberty, or give me death." Nathan Hale was the one who said, "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." All of these people were very brave, and knew what they had to do.

I think that all of the people that helped in New York were Patriots. They had to have a lot of guts to risk their life to help others. I hope that my paper has helped you to understand what Patriotism means.