US Versus Iran: Lebanon is the Battle Field

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Lebanon, the beautiful country that is located on the shores of the Mediterranean has always been the called the pearl of the Orient and the linkage between the East and the West. It is the country that has been endowed with beauty of its nature as well as of its people. Its varied culture and the interconnections between the different religions make Lebanon a great place to be at. Lebanese have always felt that they are envied for having such a country and especially that it has always attracted tourists from all over the world with its special atmosphere and wonderful scenes.

However, Lebanon has been cursed with the plague of foreign interference. This interference has always caused crisis in Lebanon since it has always been considered as being with one political side over the other. In the last couple of years, Lebanon has been living a cold war. This cold war is not between Lebanon and some other nation, in fact it is between the United Sates and Iran but unfortunately the battlefield happens to be the land of Lebanon.

This has caused a big load on this state and on its citizens as well. This should lead to the question which asks why the Lebanese aren't changing this situation. Why don't they rebel and alter the conditions in the country that are causing their devastation? The answer would be the political leaders. The political leaders are the ones responsible for the international interference in Lebanon, and because of them Iran and the United States are able to fight their cold war on the Lebanese territory. Iran gives the support and help to Hezbollah, the Shiite political and resistance movement in Lebanon while the United States in pursuit of defeating Iran and its nuclear weapon, it is giving the...