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Feminist Women In US History In researching the various feminists in the period between 1830 and 1870, it became more and more clear to me that there were 3 that stood out the most.

I found the most compelling quotes and convictions in the thoughts and actions of Sojourner Truth, Angelina Grimke' and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

I found that the more I researched Angelina Grimke', the more I found her, in my opinion, to be negatively reciting and rehashing the same statements about religion and duty where women were concerned.

Sojourner Truth was very compelling in her outspoken views regarding black men and women, their rights, and the impact of separating black from white, and not sex from sex.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton really surprised me, the more I read about her, and her seemingly advanced view on women, almost as some view women in this day and age, to me.

All in all, these three women impacted me the most, as far as the women's movement, and women's rights, mainly because I view their opinions to be so different in many ways, yet the same in others.

I believe that all the outspoken women at this time in history made an impact, no matter their view. I also see that regardless of their view, they are looked at as women with impact. I think it's simply because they were willing to speak up at a time when it was just a coming of age for a woman to have a voice in society.

Sojourner Truth really compels me. In reading her statements alone, her true feelings are so clear. She spoke about what it would mean for black men get their rights, while black women might not. If that were the case, she saw it as...