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USAWorld Bank is an international and global bank and branches located by the entire nation. They have small and large clients. In order to continue expanding its market, USAWorld Bank develops annually a new product. In the past few years, the new products have not been very successfully to a number of their clients and those explore the possibility of changing to another institutions. USAWorld Bank needs to develop a new product in other to keep its existing clients and attract new ones. USAWorld Bank can develop two new product one is the Instant Rewards Credit Card and the other is the Small Business Card. The purpose of this paper is to identify USAWorld Bank issues in order to capitalize and bring alternative solution that will be considered, the techniques, risk, and mitigation and in finally, give the optimal solution that will be implemented. USAWorld Bank is facing an issue that its product division is not taking care of the statistical data.

They do not collect and interpret in a correct manner the data. However, they have issues with its internal communication, which resulted a problem in the data collection.

Situation AnalysisIssue and Opportunity IdentificationUSAWorld Bank is facing many issues that must be solved. One of USAWorld Bank of issues is that they are not researching for the appropriate new products; their research has been deficient. Best Market Research was hired to provide USAWorld Bank the viability to develop and instant reward credit card. According to the investigation, the implementation of an instant reward credit card could be successful. However, the Vice-President of Marketing Department made his own group study and found support for the small business card. USAWorld Bank has plans to only develop a new product by this year. "Good Research generates reliable data, being derived by...