Usage of databases.

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Databases in my organization

The Research and Development department of Vistakon is lacking a database at this time. We currently use Microsoft excel exclusively to organize all of the thousands of protocols we do every week. Thus, creating large-scale problems, in return making it difficult to find files. Files are organized by adding sub files and numbering each file so that they will show up in order. After tens-of-thousands of files are saved it can take several minutes to pull up a particular file.

A database system, even a simple one such as Microsoft Access would help increase the productivity of all users on the system. A simple database can be set up by a basic user, or an IT professional with the tools included in the software package. Database templates are a great way to get started with Microsoft Access and learn the basics before building our own database.

All that is needed is to access the installed templates, there are many database templates in the template gallery on the Microsoft Web site. The templates range from expense report databases that we can use for our business, to personal databases to organize company phone numbers and work schedules.

Since this would be a departmental change the usage of tables would help eliminate the long search for named files on a hard drive. The table structure is the foundation of the database application. A table is a container for data about a single type of entity, such as persons or products. Using a separate table for each type of information, such as protocols means that you store data only once, which would make our database more efficient and reduce data-entry errors and lost files. Forms are used to enter data into tables. Even though it is possible to enter data...