The use of E-Commerce in Hewlett-Packard.

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Hewlett-Packard Co. develops electronic-commerce applications and products with BEA Systems Inc. They are doing this simply because they can foresee the groovy future of E-commerce in the world. They can see that business management always requires adapting to changing environment for survival of business, telecommuting, a kind of business information system, may help the growth of the whole organization. This shows that the executives in the above mentioned companies are aware of the external environment, which facilitates their organizational planning and organizing.

E-commerce helps an organization's management in various ways. Including the delegation in the organization and the communication in the organization.

A manager can " remote control " his subordinates when he is not in his office, e.g. having meetings in foreign country, making visits to other business entities. Not only does a manager delegate to subordinates in terms of authority and responsibility, but in terms of distance also.

This is said so because a manager can enhance their delegation by which he does not have to worry about his subordinates while he was overseas. When his subordinates need his manager, they can communicate through telecommuting, such as voice - mail, video conferencing, to make decision. Delegation gives subordinates confidence and initiatives. Without the physical existence of boss in office, they learn to work more independently and freely. And without boss supervising in office, employees' performance will be better owing to lesser control. The use of E-commerce can help to eliminate elementary single-task jobs for employees. They can be given more sophisticated jobs along with better tools, and this can induce employees to become more responsible and bring more intelligence to their work. In the digital age, the organization can make knowledge workers out of every employee possible. Delegation, however, needs both parties' effort in order to make to...