The Use of English Subtitled Anime in Enhancing the Reading Skill of Selected Gade 8 Students of Lecheria National High School, A.Y. 2013-2014

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Chapter 1



Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. In spite of this, it still has a unique and traditional style when it comes to visual arts. Though greatly influenced by the Chinese and western countries, Japanese arts managed to develop in a unique "Japanese" way.

Japanese art works tend to be abstract and naturalistic. It often focuses on limited subjects, allowing it to be specific and simple. Unlike the decorative style of Chinese arts, it uses the basic form and characteristics of a subject. Ukiyo-e, or commonly known as Japanese woodblock prints, became extremely popular to Westerners in the 19th century. It dramatically uses line and color to give emphasis to a specific subject. It had a great effect on Western artists.

Japan's technological growth affected its arts. Today, a form of visual art called anime is known all over the world.

It is the abbreviated form of the word "animation". In Japan, the term "anime" refers to any animation around the world. But for other countries especially Western, it technically refers to "animation developed in Japan".

Anime has a big difference from traditional cartoons in the Western countries. While cartoons often deal with just pure entertainment and humor for children, anime delivers a plot, usually simple ones, in a modern way.

It can never be denied that anime has caught the hearts of fans worldwide due to its mainstream Western acceptance. Fans collect their favorite series in VHS or DVD. There are dubbed versions, and subtitled versions, both of which are also accessible in the internet. It is a great contribution to the continuous popularity of Japan, making it globally competitive.

Anime has a great impact on the Japanese society. The Japanese culture is a great factor...