The use of genetics in the world today and why we need to put funds toward it

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Genetic Science

The world of genetic science is capable of curing

illnesses and answering hopeless questions. Genetics is the

study of heredity. Genetics is able to teach us about why

we look and act this way. Genetics can help us cure

disease, disorders, save endangered animals, and give an

infertile women a family.

Genetics has a vast area that still needs to be

opened. Pharmaceuticals of different sicknesses that cannot

be cured still need to be created. With vast amounts of

money, brilliant minds can come together and work on the

development of mysterious and unknown diseases and

sicknesses. This is an area of genetics that needs support

to help people in need of life-long illnesses.

Genetics is a big part in the aid of healthcare. Genetics

can give an explanation of the reason a person looks, acts,

or responds to daily lifestyle.

A surprising part of our lives that genetics plays a

big part in is, gardening.

Don't you hate the insects that

attack your favorite plant? Well, through a quick process,

genetics can make the plant a antibiotic against insects

and it will never be harmed by those pests again.

The final reason for the purpose of funding genetics

is the stem cell. If the stem cell research is complete, we

will be able to answer questions and cure illnesses like:

Why don't we live forever, how can you cure burns, heart

disease, diabetes, limb amputations, and many more.

As you can see genetics is a piece of science that

needs extra attention. This science will help people now

and in the future so they don't have to deal with problem

of the past, we will be able to answer life-long questions

and cure illnesses no one thinks we would ever be able to

cure. The succession...