The Use of Laptops in Classrooms

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Have you ever been jealous over the fact that some students are allowed to use a laptop in class? If the school board implemented a policy that would allow responsible students to use laptops in class the other students would see the great advantage that a laptop provides, and slowly, the rest of the student population will follow suit and will conform to the requirements for using a laptop in class.

The short-term results would include students with a more positive attitude towards school and a more organized learning environment. Students would be able to complete their work in a shorter time frame, which would be more efficient.

Another possible outcome is that since students use computers so much in their day to day life, they might go outside more often and do physical sports which would count as one more step forward to solving the problem of overweight youth.

Students would also be better prepared for life after high school because they would have had at least four more years of practice typing in certain formats and have already become accustomed to using a computer daily for studies and work instead of entertainment. In the service industry as well as many aspects of the production industry, computers are an integral part of everyday work life. Everywhere you go, you have to use a computer.

Students will naturally gravitate to the most attractive mode of media delivery. The entertainment industry understands this and has geared their delivery systems to the computer mode. The education establishment is lagging behind. The result is that education is not being delivered in as efficient a mode as entertainment is. The end result is that students will always prefer entertainment over education. A new mode of education delivery such as laptops could reverse this trend.