How I use my leisure

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After a hard day's work, nothing is more refreshing than some rest or sort of recreation. Rest helps to conserve physical energy. Recreation makes us fresh and fit. This, infect, is our leisure period.

We cannot keep on working continuously without leisure. Leisure is necessary and we must have it. It keeps us going. A change is usual routine work creates extra energy in us. Leisure makes our lives less monotonous.

Like others I get some leisure every week. But I do not misuse it. There are many people who think that leisure means plain idleness. This is wrong idea of leisure. It means a change from one kind of activity to another. Whenever I am free I do some kind of household work. I clean my room and arrange my books and note-books. I do some gardening. I contact my relatives and friends.

Whenever I get leisure, I read some interesting books and magazines.

When get tired of reading, I go for an outing to the sea sight. The sight of the sea seems to have peculiarly peaceful effect upon my mind. Every sight and sound inspires a spirit of rest and peacefulness. It is a delightful change, after escaping from the noisy bustle of daily work. Here nature is quiet. At times, we friends arrange a picnic at any far distant place. If I am free in the morning or evening, I go to school play ground. There I play one game or another. Sometimes I attend a public meeting to hear the lecture of great persons.

I consider leisure time precious and do not like to waste it. I use it in some useful work.