The use of power

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The use of power

"Power is the ability to influence or control the behaviour of people." - Wikipedia

This is the definition of power according to Wikipedia. But how can you control the behaviour of people? With money or simply by speaking to them?

There is no one that knows the one true answer. However, it is the use of power that really matters. There are two sides of how you can use it: there is the constructive and destructive way. The constructive way means using the power for the good of others, like encouraging people to do things for charity. The destructive way is the direct opposite; you use the power only for your own good, which could be like tyrannical control. George Orwell's book 1984 portrayed the true meaning of tyrannical control with the help of a number of elements, of which we will discuss below.

The first element that we encountered in the book is the use of Telescreens .

This device look like any regular innocent TV screen, but is used for an undemocratic purpose. It is used to keep track of each individual's thoughts about the government and every action they take. So underneath the harmless looking accessory that functions to entertain you, is an eavesdropping equipment and camera, watching every single thing you do. Additionally, the regime also has complete authority over the Telescreens. This means that they can decide over the selection of channels, strengthening the regimes way to spread propaganda to keep the people fixed on their side.

The second method the totalitarian regime used to keep people in check is the help of Newspeak . Newspeak is a language developed by the regime itself as a tool to limit the Freedom of thought and the concepts that can pose a threat...