The Use of Signs and Symbols in Everyday Life

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On a typical day, as an average person--whether going to work, school, or simply to the store--we all run into many different types of signs and symbols. Signs include smells, sounds, or motions which could indicate food, danger, or the existence of others. A symbol is that which makes us merely think of the object mentioned. From the time I got up until the time I got to English class at Casper College, I encountered numerous signs and symbols that I never would have thought twice about.

The first sign in my day was when the alarm clock went off at 6:00 a.m. This led me to crawl out of bed and peek out the window to get an idea of what the weather would be like for the day. Many, including animals, look to the sky as a sign to determine if the weather will be good or bad.

Upon doing my daily weather check, I decided that I had better dress warmer than usual because it looked gloomy out. The sun was not shining and there was snow still on the ground from a previous storm.

When 6:30 a.m. comes around, I am in the shower. After about fifteen minutes I am out of the shower and am well on my way to getting dressed, doing makeup, and putting on my jewelry. I am always so indecisive about what to wear. I finally pick out a pair of blue jeans and a multicolored sweater. I find my socks and shoes and put them on. I use very light eyeliner and mascara when I do my makeup. I consider dressing and doing my makeup modest a sign of wanting to be taken seriously in my day ahead. My jewelry that I wear, a wedding ring and necklace, is...