The Use of Wind Power Should Not be Encouraged (with counter arguments)

Essay by phoenix123 July 2007

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Wind power, a renewable source of energy is slowly gaining acceptance especially in most parts of Europe and America. It is regarded as an inexhaustible energy form to replace fossil fuels which are fast depleting. Certain quarters believe that the use of wind power must be encouraged as it is non-polluting resource, cheap and regarded one of the answers to solving many of world's energy problems. However, in response to this proposition, the use of this form of energy should not be encouraged because it is inefficient, not environment friendly, not safe, expensive, and takes up a lot of space.

First of all, the efficiency of wind power is questionable. Wind power cannot be produced consistently on a daily basis like other forms of energy such as coal and oil. However, Mc Bain (2005) claims that one wind turbine can produce 1.3 megawatts of electricity a year which is sufficient to supply enough power to 1000 homes.

This argument fails to consider the fact that wind plants produce energy only when there is wind blowing at around 20km/hour. This shows that it is only practical to be used in regions which have high energy generating capacity such as North America and Europe ( Besides this, wind is unpredictable and wind plants can only generate power 35% of the time (Environmental Action. Org., 2005). Opponents also seem to forget that wind energy cannot be stored like coal and oil. This clearly reinforces the fact that wind energy is not efficient as there are many setbacks that are yet to be addressed.

It is also undeniable that wind energy is not an environmentally friendly source of energy. Although wind power brings huge industrialization to rural areas, the construction work needed to set up the turbines along with the manufacturing industries that it...