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Brandi Bolding September 25, 2008 Writing Assignment #1 Draft #3 English 1301

Now For Your Feature Presentation

When I first saw an advertisement for the iPod Touch, I knew I had to get one. I've been a fan of Apple products for quite a few years, and I've gone through a couple iPod's such as the shuffle, and the nano. Which both of them were impressive iPod's, but they didn't come with half the features that the new iPod Touch does. I absolutely love all the features that it has to offer. The iPod touch is an everyday device that I find useful in many ways. Once you read all of the great features that it has to offer you too would want to go out and buy one.

When I turn my iPod on the first button I see is my safari, just as I would the regular iPhone.

The safari is a web browser that I can use anytime I am near a WiFi connection to browse the internet. There are 5 buttons located on the bottom of the safari page, which are the back, forward, add to bookmark, bookmarks, and the tab button. Then at the top of the safari page there is the bar where I could enter my address that I would like to go to, along with a tool bar and the refresh button. I like the fact that I can lay in my bed and turn my iPod on and listen to music while I do my homework. Also, if I needed the internet access at anytime for something, I could have it right next to me. The safari really does come in handy.

Next to the safari button is the calendar. I personally think the calendar is another great feature on this...