Uses Of Chinese In The English Classroom

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Uses of Chinese in the English Classroom -------Introducing the "Functional-Translation" Method ä¸­æ–‡åœ¨è¯¾å ‚ä¸­çš„ä½¿ç”¨ ----介绍"功能-翻译"教学法 Abstract The assumption that the "English-only", direct method can be applied equally well to any size and type of class and any level or content of language learning is simply false.The fundamental cause of the failure of English-only method , in my opinion, is its misapplication in learning situations where it simply don't belong.Combining the best of the "grammar-translation" method with the best of "communicative" method , a new and more efficient method will born , the "functional-translation" method . This method allows the student to use his first language to support his communication in the second language and develop his fluency.

摘 要 认为"只用英语"çš„ç›´æŽ¥æ³•èƒ½åŒç­‰åœ°è¿ç”¨äºŽä»»ä½•å½¢å¼çš„è¯¾å ‚å’Œä»»ä½•æ°´å¹³æˆ–å†…å®¹çš„è¯­è¨€å­¦ä¹ æ˜¯å®Œå…¨é”™è¯¯çš„ã€‚å…¶é”™è¯¯çš„æ ¹æœ¬åŽŸå› æˆ‘è®¤ä¸ºåœ¨äºŽå®ƒè¢«é”™è¯¯åœ°è¿ç”¨åœ¨å®ƒå®Œå…¨ä¸é€‚åˆçš„å­¦ä¹ æƒ…å†µä¸­ã€‚ç»“åˆäº†"语法-翻译"教学法和交际教学法的优点,一种更有效的新教学法诞生了,它就是"功能-翻译"教学法。这种教学法允许学生用他的母语来支持用第二语言进行交流,从而提高他的流利程度。 Keywords target language syllabus interlanguage the Lexical Approach ç›®æ ‡è¯­è¨€ 教学大纲 国际语言 词汇法 interference monolingual bilingual 干扰 单种语言的 双语言的 Outline I. Introduction 1. To bring out the arguement on "English only " classroom 2.

The first language could be used according to the new born "the functional- translation "method.

II. Arguement on the "English only "method and introducing the "functional- translation" method Part I - The Problem Part II -The Misdiagnosis Part III - The False Remedy Part IV - A Second Opinion Part V - A Better Prescription Part VI - Sample Bilingual Activities III. Conclusion Introduction The teacher stares down at the wide eyes of her new students, "Class, we are here to learn English. From today on , you are not going to use any Chinese in this classroom. This is an 'English-only' class." And it is from that moment, I would argue that the class is lost.

Where did we get this idea that "only English" should be spoken in the English classroom? Is it based on any cohesive theory or substantiated research? Or...