The Uses Of The Internet

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CONTENTS 3INTRODUCTION 4BREIF HISTORY OF THE INTERNET 6TECHNOLOGY & TERMINOLOGY 9GROWTH OF THE INTERNET 11APPLICATIONS 11WEBSITES 13E-MAIL 15INSTANT MESSENGER 16VIDEO CONFERENCING 17HOW IT WORKS 18NETMEETING 20CONCLUSION 21BIBLIOGRAPHY INTRODUCTION Recent developments in technology have lead to an ever-increasing efficiency of global communications. Where once the business world was restricted by the ability to get messages to the right place at the right time, the 21st century has seen the advent of instant messaging around the globe. The advances in technology have been a very influential aspect in the growth of a global market, allowing operations to be controlled by a firm simultaneously in many different countries or market areas.

Along with faster mail service, higher quality telephone calls, and satellite link ups, the most important factor in the ease of global communications is the Internet. Since it's initial development, which started way back in the 1950's, the Internet has grown in importance and now is an integral part of everyday business operations.

The Internet has many applications and uses for a corporation in the global market. It can be used to store a company home page, advertise on other organizations pages, send and receive e-mail, send and receive instant messages, host a video conference, host telephone conversations, place and receive purchase orders, and generally perform all of the necessary office communication tasks with a much faster processing time.

The technology is continuously advancing and this paper will detail some of the more important developments in the timeline of the internet, look at some of the present applications which are available to business use with an in depth look at video conferencing, and then look at the future of communications.

BREIF HISTORY OF THE INTERNET The development of the Internet into the system which we recognize today has been a very long...