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The Laser

The laser is one of the most advanced tools we have in our

civilization. Lasers are powerful enough to cut through a thick piece of

steel, yet can be used in medical surgery. Lasers are used in the army,

not for guns, for range finding and a whole lot more.

Most people don't know where the idea of the laser came from. The

idea for the laser came from a machine called a maser. The maser was a tool

that was able to strengthen, or amplify radio and light waves. The first

laser was made in California in 1960. It was built by Theodore Maiman and

a group of American scientists. The material they used for a concentrator

was a man- made ruby. It was done by coiling a simple flash tube around a

rod, and beaming powerful flashes of light at it. The result was pulses of

red laser light.

Once they made the device they had to name it. They had

think of some word or words to described it. They came up with Light

Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Using the first letter

of each main word they named it laser. The laser had everyone excited.

The laser was put through many tests and experiments to see what it

could do to help modern civilization. At first there weren't many uses for

the laser. Then in the 1970's it became very important. It was finally

being used in everyday life. As years went on the uses grew in number.

Today lasers were being used in a variety of ways. This includes

entertainment, military, communication, businesses, measurement, cutting,

and more.

Measurement: Lasers have become an important part of measurement. A laser

is the fastest way to measure long distances. This use can be applied...