Uses of water in South Africa How water is used in south Africa in the different sectors

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Uses of water in South Africa

Domestic: Water usage is one of the most prominent forms of consumption. As people become richer, the amount of domestic water used rapidly increases.

In 2000, South Africa's domestic use of water varied from 50 to 99 cubic meters per person, per year. Although most of this water is used in homes, a lot of the water does not reach the consumer, but is lost through leaking pipes. As much as 20% of domestic water is used in the toilet and leaking taps either lose that water through evaporation, or it finds its way back to the groundwater, lakes or dams.

Domestic use of water in South Africa has a total of 59 per 1000 cubic metres.

Agriculture: Most of the water is withdrawn for use in agriculture. 72% of water in South Africa is used irrigation, livestock and other forms of agriculture. 49 % of the Limpopo basin demand in South Africa is from irrigation. The agricultural sector is vital for the provision of our food, a job provider and social upliftment. Agriculture is also dependant on water.