Using Financial Markets for Individual Savings

Essay by GRabneyCollege, Undergraduate December 2002

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An individual's savings needs to be put somewhere, and while there are many different options, some financially make more sense than others. One avenue of investment that offers some of the best possible results would be the United States Financial Markets. The U.S. markets offer not only an efficient way of allocating an individual's savings, but they provide one of the best avenues for a successful rate of return, and when invested wisely, offer a very secure future, especially when factoring in the expected rate of return.

Before we even discuss the possible types of investment an individual could explore, we need to know exactly what type of investor we are discussing. For our purposes there are basically two types of investors, the first being the short-term investor who is looking to get as large a return on his investment as he can in the shortest period of time possible.

This is an investor who is willing to take additional risk and is most likely not investing his entire savings. Usually these investors are younger, and looking to use the proceeds for large purchases, such as a home, in the relatively near future. Returns above and beyond those needs will probably be continually reinvested in different instruments depending upon short-term goals and needs and the current economic atmosphere.

The second type of investor is the person looking long-range. They have probably already purchased a home and are looking to securing the future for their family. Their main concern is not in generating wealth, but in providing for financial security for their retirement years. They want to minimize risk since they probably do not have the time to rebuild their investment portfolio and while they would like the best rate of return possible, they are looking at that return over a...