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IntroductionThe product that we have chosen is the breakfast cereal. Our brand name will be Mrs Mathilda because we wanted to choose an Australian icon to better relate to the local consumers (the famous Australian song "Waltzing Mathilda"). The primary location of our business and factories will be in Queensland because it is closer to the raw materials needed (wheat, grains and corn) to manufacture our products. We have a range of healthy breakfast products like breakfast bars, cornflakes and rice cereals. Our main focus will be on Mrs Mathilda's Museli and it is tailored to the needs of those health conscious people regardless the age. As we are a newly established company, our strategy is to establish a foothold in Australian market before venturing out other regions in the world.

Demographic EnvironmentMore diverse populationThe population of Australia stood at 19 million at 2000 and the population of overseas immigrants (Asians, eastern Europeans, Indians and Africans) has shown a steady increase from 22.9%

to 23.6% of the total population (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2003). Thus when we design our free customer hotline, we have to take into account the different languages of these people. For instance, provide multi-lingual options for the consumers to choose from, press 1 for English, 2 for mandarin and etc.

Ageing populationIn 1991, the percentage of the Australian population aged 65 and above stands at 11.5%. This figure has jumped to 12.3% in 2000 and further increases are expected (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2003). Therefore there will be an increase in demand for healthy food and so we have to ensure that the contents of our product provide the maximum possible nutritional value (high in fiber, protein and energy).

Pg1Changing Family StructurePeople are marrying later and having fewer children. Of those household that have...