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Hello my darlings, My name is Daphne Kimberly and I have been friends with Paula Paxton since as far back as I can remember. But what I want to talk to all of you today is about her tomboy daughter Jules. Before we get started can I just say I agree one hundred percent with Paula's parental expectations and that is what I am here today to explain to you.

To begin with, the most amazing part of a woman's life is finding a man who you love and settling down to have a beautiful prospering family. Now can you tell me how a girl could possibly find a nice respectable man if she's running around all day kicking a damn soccer ball in those awful clothes? That's right, you can't. If you've ever seen her you'll agree with me that her choice of clothes are just atrocious. She would rather wear horrific sports clothes than a nice dress that would actually attract men.

Don't tell anyone but Paula told me that she was looking at a cute bra for Jules and next thing you know she was off with the fairies looking at jolly a sports bra! What I'm saying is even if someone does fancy you I can hardly imagine he'd be the type that you would want to come home and show to your parents. Putting this together I can only assume that Jules must be a lesbian. Now believe me when I say this I am in no way against homosexuals but, I would want my baby to get married, to a boy, have kids, with a boy, and love, a boy. Keyword being, boy. And knowing Paula she really cares about her daughters life and who she marries.

To finish with, if there's one more...