Using the relevant concepts, theories and models,describe and analyse a company's organisational culture and discuss,whether organisational culture can be managed.

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IntroductionOrganisations have been in existence for a number of years and they are ever evolving due to the constant changes taking place in the business environment. A lot of research culminating in a number of theories has been undertaken looking at how organisations function. Organisation theory places a lot of emphasis on organisational culture since it is central to everything that a company does. Empirical evidence suggests that corporate culture is directly linked to an organisation's performance, growth and success (Alvesson, 2002). Organisation wide activities revolve around a company's culture (University of Leicester, 2008). There have been a number of contrasting ideas regarding the role of culture in an enterprise, and this has led to a considerable amount of academic debate. Research suggests that organisations can be better understood if they are viewed as cultures (Martin, 1992). It is against this background that the present paper aims to critically evaluate and analyse the role of a company's organisational culture in shaping its success, growth and competitiveness.

Saudi Aramco, an oil company located in Saudi Arabia, will be used as a case study. Relevant concepts, models and theories of organisational culture will be applied in this analysis.

A brief overview of the organisation is provided followed by a detailed description of Saudi Aramco's organisational culture, drawing inferences with the relevant concepts, theories and models. One or two models or theories of organisational culture are then chosen, and this forms the basis of a critical analysis of the company's organisational culture. This is followed by an in-depth discussion on whether organisational culture can be managed, and if so, how this can be effectively done using examples from Saudi Aramco.

Background to Saudi AramcoAramco, also known as the Arabian American Oil Company, is one of the largest oil companies in Saudi Arabia.