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The Pressures of Being a Student and Having a Job at the Same Time.

Some can be the pressures one feels once he/she is a college student and has a job at the same time. Coping with both responsibilities can turn one's life into a hectic, tough, and sometimes unbearable experience to be lived. Attending evening classes after an eight-hour shift, being expected to look lively and fresh to restart the next workday, as well as using either your small hours or your weekends to catch up with the unfinished work left behind during the week can definitely lead someone to a breakdown.

Having to sit still at a student´s desk with a clear and open mind to have evening classes can be a hard task for someone who has already worked during the previous eight hours. Obviously, when someone decides to pursue a degree he/she is willing to obtain information and, therefore, have it transformed into knowledge.

In order to do so, being attentive and responsive can definitely accelerate this process. Since most of one´s energy has already been used up, little can this learner contribute for the class as well as retain from it.

Many are the mandatory requirements for someone who is pursuing a career, and looking great , good-humored , and brightly smart early in the morning are certainly one of them. It's important to remind that many people after struggling during the day and the evening are so exhausted when they finally reach home that they end up having some difficulties to fall asleep; and when they finally do, not rarely does this sleep become restless and agitated. Consequently, this human being will get up in the following morning with an extra burden on one´s shoulder : to look great and happy no matter how.