Using a Zen Approach to Life as a Personality Theory

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This is the documented research paper (DRP) I needed to do for my Behavioral Science class on my personality theories research paper


In the busy world of the westerner there are many who enter into therapy with their psychotherapist for the sole purpose of becoming "normal." However, in the Eastern world, there is a different mindset which precludes the undertaking of therapy to "fix" a person's problem. Indeed, therapy is embarked upon to better one's mind and further their spirituality in the eastern world. Zen Buddhism and its' many forms is commonly used as a daily, even hourly, form of therapeutic oneness with the mind; an excellent framework within which a definitive answer to a personality may be quantified and understood. Though there is no common or distinct definition of personality, the quantification or measurement previously mentioned, is commonly referred to as a personality theory.

Zen Approach Theory 3


Using A Zen Approach To Life As A Personality Theory

There are many people in the Western World who view the idea of psychotherapy as a "fix" for all their unnatural or different behavior.

They believe that their "problems" are a bane and completely unacceptable. It is a therapist's job to walk these people through a better understanding of these problems and to hopefully embrace them as simple qualities without shame or anxiety. Using the tools of Zen Buddhism will help as much as traditional psychotherapy; some even say it helps more than therapy.

It is not always a requirement in therapy to turn away from the troubles of life or aberrant behavior patterns, etc. Instead, the person can accept some and embrace others. As the individual accepts the darkness, the less traditional part of the self within or what is better known as "the daimonic," true fulfillment may...