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Jonas lives in the best society in the world. Think about it, there is no crime, no diseases, or anything bad!. What a perfect place to live. It would be paradise living there, and that's why I am going to tell you how I think this place is a Utopia. In this following essay you will read why this is a Utopia society.

To start things off lets talk about how there is no crime. There is no crime because Jonas's society have removed it from were they live like plenty more things which I will tell later. There is no crime because there is security cameras everywhere and you cant do anything wrong because they will catch you and give you a warning. With these warnings if you get 3 you get removed.

Some might ask "Removed? What does that mean? And how is that bad?" well Ill tell you the answer removed to them means you are sent to place called 'Elsewhere' which is a totally different place were they live.

They are all thought this while they are growing up, but there is a job called 'The Receiver' which you are supposed to hold the memories for everyone so that they don't hurt them. Jonas was set to this job by the old Receiver. Later in the book it tells us that Jonas finds the truth about "Released" which his own father has a job that he releases people . But releasing means that the put a needle in you and kill you. But that doesn't make it a Distopia because there society cant have one other kid live or they will get over populated. Which would cause disaster.