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UtopiaUtopia was written in the year 1516 by Sir Thomas More. The book is divided into five different sections. Section one and two are the book Utopia itself. Section one, or Book I, is a dialogue of discussions between Sir Thomas more, Peter Giles, and Raphael Hythloday. The King of England had sent Sir Thomas More to Bruges to meet the ambassador of the King of Castile. They were to debate problems of recent importance and worry of the two Kings. Upon arriving at Bruges, Sir Thomas saw peter conversing with a man stricken in age, with a black sunburned face and a long beard. This man was obviously a seaman. After exchanging niceties Peter said to Sir Thomas, "See you this man." And introduced to him Raphael Hythloday. A philosopher and well learned man. In his earlier years Raphael had traveled with Amerigo Vespucci on many occasions to the new world.

On his last voyage Raphael chose to stay. Many years later he stumbled upon an Island he called Utopia. In the first book Raphael, Sir Thomas, and Peter discuss the Island.

In the second section, or Book II, is a narrative of the Island Utopia Including the layout of the Island, a detailed description of its inhabitants, events and laws, and the history of the Island.

Section three, entitled Letter of Erasmus to Von Hutton, is a sort of Biography of More, written in response to an earlier letter received by Erasmus, from Von Hutton.

Section four, called Roper's Life of More, is another Biography. This Biography was written by More's son-in-law, William Roper. It is the best loved Biography of More.

Section five, Letters of More and His Daughter Margaret, are the letters written during his last imprisonment in the Tower in the spring and...