Utopian School System- The is a fictional essay that describes the author's improved school system.

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Utopian County Schools

This essay is my portrayal of a theoretical school system that our educational system should strive to achieve. This new system will be based on equality and every single child will have an opportunity to receive the best possible education. However, this system will never lower its standards for the sake of equality. Our teachers are smart and know when a child has the potential to do better. As such, each child will be graded on his or her personal best, not an average standard. The school district will not contain any of the upper level or alternative school choices and will not tolerate any bussing segregation. All of the schools will look the same and as a result will cost less to build. The schools will be three times their current size to minimize cost while promoting a more diverse group. This will ease the transition from school to the workplace.

All of the students will be enrolled in the school that is within their district regardless of race, wealth, academic talent, athletic talent or gender.

Within a typical high school, there will be many different kinds of students. Likewise, there will be many types of different classes. There will be accelerated classes and any student may enroll in these classes; the advertised amount of extra work they require as well as their content and scope will keep students who don't belong in them from registering. Athletic programs will have three times the typical amount of competition and force some less talented athletes to search for other options they may not have considered. The students will all be required to purchase uniforms for their children. This also creates a more conducive learning environment by leveling the field with regard to wealth and social association.

Most elective...