Utopian Society

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"Utopias have often been plans of societies functioning mechanically, dead structures conceived by economists, politicians and moralists; but they have also been the living dream of poets." (Marie Louise Berneri)

Utopia is a perfect society where everyone lives in bliss and there are never any problems. Everyone lives a happy and productive life to the fullest. Ruling government and laws are non-existent. No one ever commits crimes because there, it is non-existent. It has never been successful but it has been conceived and attempted. Factors such as society and government are to be considered in creating a utopian society. Whether society or government is more important to the concept of utopia is the question that has yet to be solved.

The word utopia was created by the English writer, Sir Thomas Moore. It is a mix of 2 Greek words, Eutopia (meaning 'good place') and Outopia (meaning 'no place').

It literally means a perfect place that can not exist. For centuries people have tried to perfect it and figure a way to accomplish it. Henry W.Targowski once said, "The word now conjures up the vision of an ideal society." When explaining his thoughts of Utopia and the word itself.

Life in a utopian society is very good and liberal. People have the choice to do anything that they would like. Citizens have assigned jobs after they turn 16 years old, prior to that would consist of education and children's play. People respect childhood and let the children live it to the fullest. All people have total freedom to do what they please. There are no restrictions on drugs and alcohol to anyone at any age. If a person grows up with the substances he/she would be less prone to abusing the substances.

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