The Utterly Perfect Murder

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What a gtreat name for a story. "The Utterly Perfect Murder." It was perfect bcause he didn't kill a person; he killed the anger that was inside. It was such an utterly perfect, such an icredibly delightful idea for murder, that he was half out of his mind all across america. Was he out of his mind because he wanted to murder? In some ways yes, but for what Ralph underhill did 36 years ago, no.

He always knew that the day he stopped going to Ralphs Underhills house, that would be the day the friendship would be over. Doug wanted to know how much of a friend Ralph was, but when he found out things didn't turn out so well. In ways Ralph did the worst thing he could possibly do to doug; he beat his self worth up.

Somewhere on a country road he just ley down and wept and want4ed to die.

Sometimes it seemed as if doug didn't know what to do after the relationship between Ralph and him ended. When dealing with things, in his mind the world was ending, and soon after and empty space formed in his heart. When doug killed the anger in him, it was the perfect murder because it killed what doug wanted to go away, and it didn't harm anyone.