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INTRODUCTION United Way of Southeastern New England (UWSENE) is a non-profit organisation that provides services to donors, communities, and social service agencies.

INVOLVEMENT OF UWSENE?S BOARD IN BSC? After developing its mission, the Board should be involved in developing the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) as a mean of translating the vision into a balanced system of strategic objectives. Currently, the Board and senior management?s support for the BSC are not clearly communicated. As such, some staff do not understand its importance and resist changes that are necessary to effect its long-term strategies.

THE BSC IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS The Board can implement the BSC through the following 4 stages.

Stage 1: Clarification of Vision and Strategy The Board can use the BSC to establish UWSENE?s strategy of developing alliances with its community, agency and donors.

Stage 2: Translation of Vision and Strategy into Strategic Objectives and Measures The long term strategy and directions can be communicated to all staff through establishing strategic objectives, allocating resources and defining meaningful and measurable objectives.

For instance, Financial perspective focus on reserving funds as a targeted % of operating budget; Customer perspective is met by gathering customer?s feedback on quality and timeliness of service; Review internal business processes like enhancing database within one year (by displaying customised information); and Learning & Growth perspective with emphasis on staff?s development (allocate a % of employees? training hours on the effective use of BSC).

Stage 3: Refinement of First-cut BSC It is proposed to define the departmental and individual goals. The departments/individuals should feel that they own the BSC, as it is reflective of their own goals and vision. It is thus important to allow additional measures to be incorporated accordingly. Upon embarking on a pilot trial, a review will be conducted and feedback incorporated into the revised BSC to...