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In my country, Iran, there is a city, North, that every summer about 80% of people plan to spend their summer there. The weather of the city is always humid because of locating near to the sea but it attracts too many people to go there. Therefore, North's sea is one of the aspects that people love to go there for a vacation. In Iran, because of the government men and women cannot swim in the sea in the same place. The government locates several places for people to swim and enjoy their vacation. Moreover, many people go on a picnic near the sea, and they stay there until the sun goes down. There is an unbelievable view; the color of the sun comes to orange and yellow while the water is calm. When my family and I were living in Iran, we always went North with our friends.

My favorite hobby in North was walking along the bank of the sea and think about my life. When I was walking, I gain amazing calm which gave me energy for the rest of the day. Therefore, most people in Iran decide to travel to North in order to enjoy their break time and the view of the sea.

Besides to the view of the sea, another reason that I like to go to North is because I can see different types of people there. When I was in Iran, People from all countries and cities went to North yearly, and by communicating with them I learned many positive characteristics of them which affected my life. As an example, one of the things that I always felt uncomfortable with that was speaking to the tourists who came from abroad.

When I stared to talk my hands became...