Valedictory Speech

Essay by asdfjkleaaaaa March 2014

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To my fellow graduates, supportive parents, efficient faculty members, visitors, guests and to our dearest principal, a pleasant and wonderful afternoon to everyone.

It is a prodigious honor to be here. Before anything else, I would like to thank all of you for giving me this great opportunity to speak in front of you and to pursue my greatest dream in life by doing it. And in behalf of the graduates , we would like to thank you for joining us in this propitious occasion in our lives.

Well after a thousand days of waiting for this moment to come, here we are. Wearing our white togas and holding our diploma. Graduating . Ready to face a new chapter in our lives. And of course, I would like to give my gratitude to these people who serves as my inspiration and the reason for what I am now and the reason why I am standing in this podium at this very moment in my life.

First is to loving family who are always there to support and guide me throughout my journey. They even work 24/7 just to supply my needs. They dragged me out of my bed every morning, and making sure I have eaten a heavy breakfast before going to school. And without the support of them I would not have come this far. And to the patience of our teachers who is up all night preparing for their class records and their lessons the other day, and sharing us enormous knowledge, their skills and talents . You took the time to explain the lessons and sometimes repeatedly because we weren't paying attention. To my friends (too many to mention) which is there through good times and bad. Whenever I'm having a bad day you...