Valentine poem.

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Happy Valentine's!

I'm here to bring you your Valentine's surprise.

Come with me

take my hand

go with me to the crackling fire

stretch out beside it on the bear-skin rug

and nestle your head into my lap

giving you a soothing facial

is my gift to you

dimmed lights

sweet fragrance in the air

classical music

the sounds of ocean waves in the distance

warm lotion

heated towels

my angelic touch

close your eyes


and trust

and let begin

warming the lotion

caressing your face

gently massaging

pressing the magical points

that release

the strain from your eyes

the pressure from your mind

the tightness from your mouth

the tension in your jaws

harsh sounds from your ears

the knots in your neck

and the burden on your shoulders

feel good, dear heart

may you be filled with love, always

my love

Happy Valentine's, Valentine